Car maintenance

Car maintenance is an approach to preserve and maximize the performance of a car. It is performed to prevent unexpected damage that can lead to accidents or expensive repairs.

We offer to take your car to a professional service that will provide a comprehensive inspection of all auto parts based on the requirements of the car at Our trusted partner or wherever you prefer.

  • Check the overall condition of the car

  • Checking the lights (front, rear and indicators)

  • Check the brakes, belts and hose

  • Engine oil change

  • Check the air and fuel filter

  • Test the battery

  • Changing the spark plugs

  • Check suspension and steering

Annual technical reviews

The annual technical inspection is a mandatory service for all vehicles in Bulgaria.

We offer to take your car to a professional service to perform the annual technical inspection.

The purpose of the annual technical inspection is to ensure the safety of the car and its passengers, as well as to protect the environment from harmful emissions.


Changing tires

Tire replacement is a vital part of keeping your vehicle safe on the road. Tires can be dangerous if they are worn out too much. We will drive your car to a professional tire change service that will ensure your tires are changed safely and correctly, giving you peace of mind when driving.

When you deliver your vehicle for a tire change, our partners will:

  • Check your tires for signs of wear
  • Remove the old tires from your vehicle 
  • Install new tires on your car
  •  Balance the new tires

Car wash

We will drive and collect your car from the car wash for you. Leave that to Us.




Car maintenance


Annual techical review


Tire changing


Car wash






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